Organic, Hand Made, All Natural, Pure

Understanding the “Pure Revolution™”

In today’s world ‘Pure’ is hard to find, especially in the products use every day. It seems more and more difficult to get products that really are good for us. Making small changes in your life that create big impacts on your health is what Heitman’s ‘Pure Revolution’ is about.

We can remove and replace harmful chemical and ingredients that we take in daily without giving up quality and results with Heitman’s organic skin care products. It is still possible to provide the building blocks of beauty without compromising our well- being.

Beginning a brand new way of living your life, changing your daily beauty routine, and joining a family of individuals who share your values on organic skin care products is the soul of the ‘Pure Revolution’. Heitman Cosmetics’ organic skin care products embody the spirit of the ‘Revolution’ by using as many all-natural, raw, and organic ingredients as possible and excluding other, possibly harmful, chemicals.

How do we keep it ‘Pure’?

We replace ingredients from your beauty repertoire that may be harmful and add components that are fresh, natural, and good for you, and also make our products in small batches to ensure quality.

One of our biggest goals is understanding what really goes into the products we use every day. Researching cosmetic ingredients and their effect on health is essential for the making products that promote the well-being of us and our families. We know that the food we eat and what we put onto our bodies directly effect they way we look and feel on the outside.

Why use all Natural organic skin care products?

In a normal day we use 3 – 5 different skin care products on our skin. From makeup to face wash, face cream, body cream, and countless others, chemicals good and bad are in contact with your body every day. Not many of us stop to read the ingredients labels on these products. If we did, it’s not likely that we would understand what was written there.

75% of people purchase products based on price point or familiarity of the brand. This means that 75% of us do not know what we are putting on our skin every day. Consider that these ingredients also go on our children’s skin when they are in some of their most important stages of development and this statistic becomes even more alarming. Good reasons to keep it Pure!

H is for…

H could stand for lots of things–Healthy products for a healthy lifestyle! H could stand for Honesty! We believe in Honesty about our brand and our ingredients! The truth is it stands for Heitman…our family’s name.

We started Heitman Cosmetics to help rid our family of all of the harmful chemicals that are found in almost all non-organic skin care products found in beauty stores and drug stores today. We started our own Pure Revolution…now it’s time to start yours!!